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Service & Maintenance

MMS has a professional and well experienced staff to keep your equipment up and running. We specialize in all sorts of mechanical maintenance services as well as electrical maintenance services. Our clients include engineering companies, oil & gas companies, contracting and construction companies, a number of small and medium size industries. We provide quick, reliable, and guaranteed maintenance services. We specialize in maintenance of diesel and patrol generators, air compressors, welding plants, jack hammers and hilties, concrete mixers, core cutting machines, steel cutters and benders, asphalt cutting machines, roller and plate compactors and many other heavy and light duty equipment used in construction industry.

Our maintenance services include :

1. Generator Rewinding

2. Engine overhauling

3. All kind of mechanical repairs

4. Stator repairing and rewinding

5. Motor winding

6. Panel board works

7. AVR repaiting