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12 reasons to rent a generator

In today’s age, it’s difficult to imagine our lives without our smartphones, laptops and the plethora of gadgets we carry around. Gadgets which make our lives so much easier. They are all around us, from the LED TV in our drawing room to the toaster and oven and the dishwasher in the kitchen. From the washing machine to the…well you get the idea. And they all have one thing in common. They all run on electricity. If I mentioned how hard it is to imagine our lives without our electronic gadgets, it’s positively debilitating to imagine our lives without electricity even for a short while.

Yet, insane as it may sound, the numbers are in & over 16 per cent of the world population have little to no access to electricity.That’s about 1.3 billion people across the world who either don’t have electricity in their household or have it on an intermittent basis. One shocking similarity in this large number is the urban-rural divide. Upwards of 80 per cent of sufferers of energy-poverty live in rural areas.

However, things are looking up. Governments are spending billions in infrastructure costs to build power grids and to extend power lines to the remotest of areas. Change is underway to provide electricity to all but it’s a huge undertaking and the change is slow. Even developed nations face the problems of power outages and/or brown-outs. There is no doubt that with the advent of Solar and Wind and other renewable forms of energy and the awareness surrounding this issue, we will eventually get electricity even in the most remote of villages and power outages will become a thing of the past.

In the meantime, however, there is a simple fix.It’s been around for many decades and it is a perfect fit since it requires no infrastructure, no planning and no forethought. In fact, all it requires is a little gasoline/petrol and that’s it. You have instant electricity. This device is, of course, the Generator.

Generators have come a very long way from being huge bulky, extremely noisy machines to the modern age generators which are compact, make less noise than a hummingbird and is extremely efficient especially the portable sinewave generators of this modern era.

While it is understandable, the need for generators in areas which suffer from regular power outages and fluctuating supply of electricity and of course rural areas the logical person may question its need in big metropolitan cities. The answer is quite simple. Although big cities in developed nations barely suffer from prolonged power-cuts, they do tend to occur,maybe not so much as other locations but those few moments without electricity can wreak havoc in ways incomprehensible to most. imagine if you will, the stock exchange, Wall Street in NYC without power for even one minute. The financial loss in that single minute can cripple the market literally. So let’s look more closely at  why we need to rent generators aside from what we already talked about.

1. The obvious reason: Power outages and brown-outs occur almost everywhere in the world from rural and sub-urban regions to the bustling metro cities with state of the art power grids. Every now and then something happens to the line of power between the municipal source and your facilities. It may be that a line blew down in a storm, an old tree branch fell, or something even more unusual. The point is that you can’t control it and won’t be able to see it coming. If your standby system simply isn’t sufficient or the outage goes on longer than it can compensate for, you’ll need a stop-gap solution until the city power comes back. This is the number one reason why people find themselves calling up for a rental generator.

2. Low Cost of maintenance: When it comes to generators, they need constant upkeep and regular maintenance. They need to be serviced by your technicians, and that means increased costs for your workforce and repair parts.However, rental generators are periodically maintained by the company from which you rented them. When you’re renting generators, you’re getting the best in terms of well-maintained machines and the latest in high-performance. You’ll be getting nothing less than the best and most reliable brands in the industry as well.

3. More power output as and when required: Sometimes you may need more power output to serve your needs. It may be that you’re hosting an event and all those extra power hogging halogen lights and speaker systems not to mention the additional cooling required can cause quite a strain on the the normal power input supplied by your local grid. A perfect example of such a situation is during the holiday season like Christmas if you have a retail business especially since this is a time when the power supply is in very high demand. Losing power on days like this can result in a huge loss in revenue.
Also if you are hosting an event in a remote location, additional power supply is a must-have.If there is not enough electricity to power equipment like the aforementioned lighting and audio equipment, space heaters etc, it necessitates the need for rental generators.

4. Emergy situations like natural disasters: Renting equipment lets you immediately respond to disasters that you may experience. These can include natural disasters from hurricanes to earthquakes to floods.Also, a  fire may take out your existing generator. Rentals can be more flexible thanks to the door-to-door delivery that these rental services provide.Medical institutes like hospitals and nursing homes often have their own backup power, but rented generators have proven to be great disaster response plans by maintaining smooth power distribution.An example of such a scenario is flooding of the basement in an office building, server farms and hospitals.In these situations, the buildings will switch to rentals not only for its emergency power needs but also to maintain the sump pumps that keep the water from damaging its main backup generators, hence the need for rental generators.

5. Critical as well as luxury appliances stay on: Along the same lines as the previous reasons, rental generators will ensure that your critical electronic equipment/appliances like life support systems in hospitals, as well as luxury appliances like air-conditioning(which is not so much a luxury as much as a critical system)  stay on and functioning without any interruption.

6. Sump pumps to avoid flooding: Sump pumps are present and are extremely important in cities and even rural areas which experience regular power-loss or heavy rains or are located to earthquake regions( because of the high chances of flash-floods). They pump out this excess water and help keep your building basements dry. Rental generators are necessary for such situations so as to not overload the backup generators.

7. A hired generator will always be in excellent condition: Rental generators will almost always be in excellent condition. This is due to the fact that it has been serviced and well maintained by qualified technicians throughout its life. Also, on the off chance that they are not in the proper condition, you can always get them changed in less than a day since rental generator come with excellent insurance policies.

8. Planned power shutdowns to upgrade the power grid and/or the substations: Large industrial or commercial organizations will need to periodically upgrade their electric substations, to meet growing load requirements or to do large-scale maintenance. During the planned shutdown, rental generators can provide the ideal solution to the problem of continued production. A rental generator can continue to power the facility for even an extended period of time until regular operations are ready to resume.

9. The try before you rent policy: Most rental generator service companies let you test out their equipment before you commit to renting them. Not only can you then check to see their functionality but also see if it meets your specific requirements in terms of power output.

8. Flexibility for any job and scalability: Specialized rental generators can deliver the exact type of support you need. This can be perfect for any type of company that’s expecting a big order they’ll need to fulfil. For example, in the past, many fast food companies like KFC and Pizza Hut to name a few have rented out generators to meet their power requirements for major power-consuming events like a football match or the Superbowl or live concerts. During these events, the consumer numbers increase many folds and the extra power is necessary for keeping the lights on, the kitchens functioning and of course, the added power required to maintain the cooling system. By pairing a power equipment rental with temporary cooling units, these businesses can meet their increased demands without having to spend a lot on infrastructure. These units can also stay on existing property, so there’s no need to build any additional infrastructure or temporary buildings.

9. Flexibility in terms of time and need: No one can predict the market, so it is advisable to not make purchases that require this type of prediction. Renting means you can immediately switch to a new generator type and service, ensuring that your power generation always matches your needs. Also, imagine a scenario where it takes the local utility services a week or two, or even a month to restore power.  A single piece of equipment that you’re renting can be used for a day or for months on end.Renting means you can adjust job spending and agreements to meet these changes. You also won’t need to purchase or shift any tools and service as these needs changes, simply work out a pickup and drop-off time with your rental partner.

10.Appropriate Warranty and Insurance Coverage: Rental Generators always come with excellent insurance coverage and also warranty. So, you will be saving a lot of money and mental hassle if you simply rent out a generator from a legitimate vendor with a good reputation

11.When The Grid Needs More Power: Even if your power consumption stays the same, during many extended periods in a year the grid will need more power to due to an increased amount of power used across the entire grid leading to power outages and frequent brown-outs This is most common in cold climates when everyone fires up their central air and space heaters or hot climates when everyone uses the AC. A rental generator is exactly the kind of backup you need for these temporary problems.

12. The advantages of last-minute savings financially: A large part of expanding your business is responding to new demands or uncertainties. We’ve all been in that position where there was a last-minute change, a deadline shift or an accident that potentially puts your whole operation at risk. Renting allows you to avoid the last minute scramble to look online and try to determine what the right generator is for your needs. You won’t have to do an emergency assessment of your new power requirements,go through a bunch of product reviews and then purchase a generator and hope to God it gets shipped to you in time. Renting a generator means immediate access to the power that you need. You’ll get the exact product you need because you’ll have a team of experienced professionals who will do the legwork and all the necessary assessments for you.

And the very best part of renting a generator means that when you no longer need it, you can immediately return it, thus saving you a great deal of money and hassle of buying one and letting it gather dust when you no longer need its services.

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